hybrid work, made simpler.

We believe in hybrid. We truly believe it is the future of work. And we want to contribute to that reality.

Our purpose? Making the transition to hybrid simpler.

This is not about desk booking or space management. This is about your company, your employees and your clients. And we want to support you in the journey.


the future is hybrid.

flace started in 2021, right in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. The masks might have covered our mouths, but not our eyes.

And we saw it: companies were struggling to manage all the additional burdens that came with hybrid work.

Whether from an altruistic or ego-centric perspective, we also wanted the future to be hybrid.

And we decided to help.

Simply put: the future of work is hybrid, and we want to support the change.

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Tom Haas
Filipa Canelas
Tician Streifeneder

Co-Founder • CEO

Co-Founder • CMO

Co-Founder • CTO


meet the new hybrid reality.

After this emotional rollercoaster, we would love to show you our product.

We are way too passionate about it to not share it with you.

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