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Co-Working Community

flace equips your co-working space with intuitive technology to make it more attractive for your users... and future ones.

Supercharge your co-working space with community management

Know your co-workers

It's not enough to have a great space. Your users must see that for themselves. With flace, you can incorporate photos of each of your working spaces, add details about existing tools, and get them on board.

Get the right place

Your co-working users want to know who is sharing the same working space, find common interests and foster enriching connections. Networking has never been easier.

Understand your space

The best part? With a better user experience, you will attract more users, retain your current ones at increasing rates and increase your profitability.

Increase profitability

Every. Single. Time. No more hustling to be the first person in the space to get the seat you want.
With flace, your users book the desk, room or space directly through the app.


= retention
= profitability

flace turns your co-working space into the most competitive co-working space in town.

Co-Working Community

flace in action

Want a better sense of what flace can do for your co-working space?

Build a community in 3 easy steps

We have perfected the experience to make it incredibly easy and intuitive for your users. Don't you think?

Co-Working Community
Get your spot.

Co-workers want to know who is in the space and foster connections.

Co-Working Community
Know your co-workers.

Let users check which desks are available... before coming to the co-working space.

Co-Working Community
Show yourself.

Let the profile speak. Your users can add their interests, company and seat.


If you're interested in improving the user experience of your co-working space, we're happy to talk.

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