What is Hot Desking and its Pros and Cons


11/24/2021 2 min read

Hot desking is a hot topic these days.

If you are not familiar with the term, a hot desk is an arrangement where people temporarily share workspaces. It's also known as hot seating or hot shelving.

Hot desking has become increasingly popular in recent years for many reasons, including cost-effectiveness, increased collaboration and productivity, and flexible working arrangements.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the pros of hot-desking and how it impacts results at various levels of business.

The Benefits of Hot-Desking

Collaboration and Productivity

With hot-desking, employees are more likely to get involved with their colleagues. This enhances collaboration which in turn leads to better results.

Employees also find it easier to work on projects because they have the necessary resources at hand all of the time.

Your employees can also work from hot desks located at different sites, thus allowing them to spend more time working with clients or partners, which is beneficial for your business as well.

Cost Savings

Hot desking is a great choice to save on costs.

By having hot desks, your company doesn't have to attribute a desk to a specific employee.

It also allows you to set up temporary workspaces very quickly without the need for long-term contracts with landlords. This gives you the flexibility to change your hot desk arrangements in line with business needs.

Work-Life Balance and Travelling

With hot-desking, employees can easily use their time more efficiently, which allows them to spend quality time with family and outside interests when they're not at work.

They can also travel or relocate based on work demands without having the stress of finding a new desk.

The Drawbacks of Hot Desking

Intellectual Property Issues

When employees share desks, it is easy for them to accidentally access information on each other's computers, leading to intellectual property issues if sensitive data is involved in the projects they are working on.

The solution is creating private and secure areas for the areas that need privacy. They can also provide hot desk users with a locker to store sensitive information.

Employee Morale

When hot desks are implemented, it takes time before staff gets used to sharing workspaces, leading to reduced productivity in the short term.

The solution is to communicate hot desk arrangements well before they are implemented and encourage employees to share their opinions on how hot desks can be improved for the benefit of everyone involved.

While hot desking has a lot of advantages, it also comes with a few disadvantages that should be considered.

What is your opinion on hot desks?

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