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We provide you with intuitive analytics of how your office is being used. After all, you can only manage what you can measure.

Leverage the benefits of
office analytics

Increase flexibility

With Office Space Analytics, you can integrate flexible work schedules into your workspace and generate insightful data based on desk booking.

Optimise your space

Your decision of changing the office space will be backed by the data. You can finally make connections between usage rate and the workspace characteristics.

Reduce costs

By looking at the data, you can predict how much more or less space you'll need in the future so that you can anticipate these changes and better prepare for them.

Improve decisions

The data provides you the average and peak usage of the office, so you can get a complete picture of how your workspace is being used and make informed decisions.

flace in action

Workplaces are no longer just for work; they can be a hub of activity where people interact, collaborate, and learn together. flace will help you seize this opportunity with office analytics.

Office Analytics in 3 easy steps

Office space analytics is the new frontier in workplace efficiency.


When is everyone coming to the office?


Want to know how occupied is your office at the moment?


Ever wondered the average time people spend in the office?


If you're interested in office analytics, desk booking and all the other features, we're happy to talk.

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